White Ridge Contracting has an ongoing commitment to achieve the highest quality through all aspects of contract work undertaken.

The objective of this policy is to provide excellent performance and supply the client with the required standards within time and budget.

This will be achieved by implementing a contract quality plan, identifying critical areas of our operation and incorporating all aspects of our health and safety procedures.


White Ridge Contracting is a subsidiary of White Ridge Holdings Ltd.

White Ridge Contracting, owned by Mark and Jenny Bradbury, has been in operation for around ten years and has grown to incorporate 12 staff. In these years the majority of work has come from good farming clients in the Aria and Piopio area, and this continues. In recent years, however, White Ridge has also moved into other commercial areas, such as forestry, roading maintenance, work for power generation companies and much more.

White Ridge have a quarry located down Totoro Road in Aria. The quarry specializes in brown and blue rubble sold as race rock. White Ridge provide a concrete service suitable for shed sites, cattle yards, feedpads and also have pre-poured concrete panels. White Ridge also supply a wide range of plastic, steel and concrete pipes.